Days turn into weeks and weeks into months

COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has been going on for more than 4 months now…at first, it was exotic, distant, ‘Asian’…then it hit European countries, getting more ‘real’…once it was happening in Italy, France, Spain…it was ‘real’, and then it came on North American soil…hitting New York City really bad. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, new realities of staying mostly home, and social distancing are impacting everyone…everyone!

2020 what a year it’s going to be to remember…what memories it’s going to bring about…is it going to be a year that everybody will want to forget quickly, or the world will change forever? Only time will tell if we’re here to live with social distancing for a long long time … it would be a strange world without shaking hands, high fives and hugs.

Without office towers downtown, a busy transit system, without cheap airline tickets (less travelling)…without shared group experiences (Disney/Cruise industry/sports/concerts/arts…)…for young people it would be easier, they would grow up in a brave new world, for the ones who remember the old good times :)…well, the old good times were here just yesterday…better yesterday, right?

Days turn into weeks and weeks into months

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